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My name is  Juan Ortega and i have been a neon glass bender for more than 30 years, i have been teaching neon glass bending now for some years and i have put all the neon glass bending for neon course in a series of 65+ videos for sale. If you have any questions just send me an e mail to

Learn how to bend glass for neon manufacturing.

This is a set of videos that will show you all that you need to know to be able to make neon signs, this videos will show you how it’s done but you will have to practice in order to learn, this is a craft that you can only learn by doing.
Section #1 shows you all the tools needed and all the equipment needed and how to install it and use it.

Section #2 Shows you the techniques  of how to bend the glass 

Section #3  Shows you the process of Bombarding (Putting in the gas into the neon tube)

Section #4  Gives you advise on how to start a neon business, what is more profitable and best places to sell neon

Section #5 Shows you how to repair neon signs

With the videos i also include schematics of everything from manifolds all the way on how to wire the bombarding transformer

You will receive in the mail a USB Drive with all the videos (Around 66 videos) plus all the schematics and all the information 

you will need. 

You will also receive the passwords needed to watch all these videos plus the latest videos on my website, more videos will be added in the future to the website.
You will also be able to contact me for further assistance if needed for as long as needed, you will not be left alone to figure out the problems you may encounter, either with equipment or while bending, i will be there to help you, i will be available by phone, email or by videos, if you are local you can just drop by anytime for an in person explanation.
In the photos you’ll see some of the neon art made by a former student Danielle Bonnet with a little help from me.

I am also including ;
  •  A complete blow hose
  •  A Cutting File
  •  A Hand Block flatner
  •  A Marking Pencil for coated glass
  •  A Marking pencil for clear glass
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