Neon Sign Repair

If you have a broken neon sign or a Neon sign that is not working anymore I can repair it.
Most neon signs can be repaired but there are a few that are not repairable, so if your sign is one of the repairable ones no matter where you live in the USA I can repair your sign.

Let me explain the process of how I do it;

1.- the first step is to find out what’s wrong with the sign, I usually can determine what’s wrong by asking the clients a few questions about their sign, after we have found what’s wrong and determined which section is not working or broken or if it’s the transformer, then I tell the client that he has to take out the part that is broken or bad from the sign, package it and send it to me, so you send only the section to be repaired not the whole sign,once I receive it I go ahead and repair it, once it’s repaired I send it back to the client and he has to re-install it on the sign, I have some videos that I made where I show how to do the removal and re-installation of the repaired section.
When we find out what’s wrong with the sign that’s when i tell the client the cost of the repair, so once he accepts the cost then we proceed with everything else.
Through this process, I have repaired neon signs from all over the USA, as long as the client feels he can do the extraction and re-installation this can be done, I’ve done it many times.

f you want more information on Neon Sign Repair Visit my other website

If you have a broken neon sign that you want to be repaired send an Email with a photo of your sign (front complete sign) and tell me what’s wrong with the sign, send it to SCSNEON@GMAI.COM