Neon Sign Repairs

Your Neon Sign can be repaired .
In order to give you a quote on a repair please send, via E-mail two photos of your sign , one of the complete sign and another of the broken section .
Then i will evaluate the damage and E-mail you back  the price.

After that, if you accept the price you would have to send me the complete broken section in order for me to make a new one.
Depending on the work load at the moment of receiving the broken section the repair or making of the new section can take from one week to ten days .
After shipping the new section by Fedex  back to you i will E-mail you the tracking number   .

All the instructions that will help , from taking the neon section out of the sign to how to box it safely for shipping are in the videos i have made, and you can finde them on YouTube .
heres the link to my Youtube channel

Youtube Channel 

Juan Ortega
“The Neon Sign Guy”
Seacoast Signs
30422 Clover Crest Ct
Murrieta ca.
(951) 306-6628